Aareon Smart Platform

Your pathway to the Aareon Smart World

The Aareon Smart Platform is an open platform for you and our partners to develop solutions integrated securely across the Aareon Smart World

What is the value of the
Aareon Smart Platform?

The freedom to develop your own fully integrated solutions as frequently and swiftly as you wish to.

What is the value of Smart Platform

More Control

Drive down costs and improve efficiency with solutions that fit your strategic vision

Swifter Adoption

Control the user experience of your customers and employees to get quicker return on investment

Tailored Solutions

Create solutions with a better organisational fit

Better Insight

Understand how your solutions are used to drive the strategic vision

Greater Agility

Easy access to specialist tools that can be easily implemented to provide immediate impact

Open Platform

Develop and deploy new solutions on an open platform that you can support more cost effectively

What it means to be a Smart Partner

What is offered by the
Aareon Smart Platform?

Opening up the potential of your Aareon solutions to a digital ecosystem where you or trusted partners can develop and deploy new solutions

Unparalleled Access to the Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World, the digital ecosystem for the property industry
Aareon Smart World · The digital ecosystem for the property industry

The Aareon Smart World brings together the full suite of Aareon solutions from across Europe into one ecosystem where Aareon and trusted Smart Partners can seamlessly integrate new digital offerings

What tools can I access on the
Aareon Smart Platform?

A full toolkit for the Aareon Smart Platform for you to develop solutions integrated securely across the Aareon Smart World removing the barriers between you and your employees and tenants

Tools you get as a Smart Partner

Access to Aareon's own catalogue of API's for integration with the Aareon Smart World

Library of technical documentation describing the available services and API's

Functional tutorials with real-world examples of how the API's and services can be used

Toolkit to trial the services directly in a secure sandbox environment

Performance dashboard with real-time monitoring of service usage and availability

Marketplace of Aareon Smart World Apps and Solutions from Aareon Smart Partners

(Coming soon)

How do I become a Smart Partner

Interested in the
Aareon Smart Platform?

If you are interested in the potential that the Aareon Smart Platform can offer, submit your details below and one of our account management team will contact you very soon


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